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We didn’t want to get a domain name until we knew we’d actually keep up with this. We’ve kept up with it so we are moving to That seemed like a better address than since that is for sale for $4,088! So change your feeder if you have not grown sick of our blog.


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Why don’t they make three-seater shopping carts?

Well, I guess they do, they are the massive ones. And I usually get one if they have one cause this is what I turn around to find when Becks and SP are left to walk


Yes, that is his tiger wearing one too.


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It doesn’t get much more Kansas than a Corn Maze

We took the youth to a corn maze on Friday. I’d never even heard of this before last week. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a field of corn with a maze plowed out. It looks like this from the sky

But it really looks like this
We took Becks with us so he could be a good Kansan too. He was a little concerned at first cause Brian told him not to be scared if someone jumped out of the corn at us. 🙂

Then after walking a lot, he needed a lift. Dads make good ones. I took picture # 1 and Becks blinked.
“Becks, you blinked, let me take another one” Picture #2:
“Becks you blinked again” So this is what I got with picture #3:
I deserved that. I gave up on capturing that Daddy-Son moment!
This one works too:


More pictures after the link

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Great Original Song From Wedding at Redeemer

Brett and Sarah, two teachers at Westminster Christian Academy were married at Redeemer this past Saturday. The ceremony was great, perhaps we’ll put that video up later. However, this is a video of a song Sarah wrote and sang to Brett during the ceremony. Hope you enjoy.


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Kansas City Chiefs, Texas Helmets? :-)


We’ve grown able to support the Royals although their season is over when April ends, We’ve really grown to like the Kansas City Wizards, but we’ve never supported the Chiefs until today. Why you ask? They have throw back uniforms with the shape of Texas on the helmets. This is because they were originally the Dallas Texans. before moving to Kansas City. Turns out these uniforms are the alternate uniforms this year. Go Chiefs! Go Texans! Yes, now I can support two teams with Texas connections that never win. Plus the Aggies who are not so good and FC Dallas who stinks and the Astros who are horrible. No wonder people not from New York City claim the Yankees, buying championships is just easier than waiting for your team to earn one, just ask a Cubs fan.


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The Chair Schism

Pope Brian III argues that since I’m in the kitchen a lot, if he wants to hang out with me we need to put a chair in there. Bishop Laura thinks that’s a valid point, but would like said chair to be at least a little…well, tasteful. Pope Brian insists it must be massive (that’s my commentary) because “that makes it home-y.” To try to prove my point that a big chair just won’t work in our kitchen I brought Sadie’s reading chair into the kitchen this morning. Let’s just say that backfired on me. Brian loved it:


Add Berkley:


And of course if anyone else is doing something, Sadie Piper is in too (who brought her own chair, see isn’t that size better?):


And don’t leave Beckham and stool out:


Ahhh, forget about everyone needing their own chair, chair #1 is massive enough for EVERYONE!


So now I think I’m on the lookout for a kitchen chair…


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The Baby of the Family




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