Ahh…Here we go….

Everyone has a blog and I must say I think they are quite self-centered and arrogant since it assumes someone really wants to read what you have to write. With that in mind I’m ok if no one ever reads this, its just for our friends to check every so often so they can see what we are up to without actually having to call



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4 responses to “Ahh…Here we go….

  1. M. Jay Bennett

    Dude, that’s harsh. I blog, does that mean I’m self-centered?

    And Elizabethtown? Elizabethtown? Andrea made me watch that with her. It’s such a chick-flick. We gotta do better than that!

  2. GUNNY

    No doubt adn what’s up with E-town?!

    Incidentally, my wife says she wants her Beaches DVD back when you’re done watching it and you also need to return all her Celine Dion CDs.

  3. M. Jay Bennett


  4. GUNNY

    Not been a lot of sharing on this blog in quite some time.

    Isn’t THAT self-centered? If you were thinking of others, then you’d throw us a bone from time to time with reports of your slooge.

    As it is, you’re just living your life without any thought to our slooge.

    As Jay would say, “What the sheol?!”

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