He Stands Up

About a month ago Becks decided to stand up in his crib. He said it was no big deal and for his next big event he is going to beat Jay and Jorge in Pac-Man. A little history…Pac-Man was originally called Puck-Man when Atari first came out with it, but after 1980s street vandels made changes to the name on the original machines they changed his name to Pac-Man. At one time in history there was even Pac-Man cereal and cartoon on television.



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3 responses to “He Stands Up

  1. GUNNY

    I even can recall having “Pac Man Fever.”

    But, now I have a different fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.

  2. M. Jay Bennett

    Yeah I guess Fac-Man doesn’t carry the same shock value as @*#-Man.

    My brother and I used to watch the Pac-Man cartoon on Saturday mornings. Whatever happened to Sat. morning cartoons?

    You tell Beck to bring it on! I AM THE PAC-MAN.

  3. george d.

    That’s right…

    As Jay will tell you, even Ms. Pac-Man is still a Man!!

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