I have decided it is time to learn to tie a tie. I am 28 years old, have a 7 month year old and a masters degree, it is about time I learn to tie one. So after one day of practice this is what I have been able to accomplish.



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6 responses to “Ties.

  1. M. Jay Bennett

    I’ve found that tieing a tie is much easier after I tie one on 😉

  2. GUNNY

    Hey, looking good … a used car salesman if ever I saw one!

    But, what’s wrong with a real tie?!


  3. george d.

    I am glad you accomplished your new feat. Now you can move on to more manly things like reading the Institutes like Jay and I are.

  4. GUNNY

    Hard to really understand the Institutes without a pipe in your hand, however.

  5. george d.

    Ok, we have established that you can tie a tie. Let’s move on to something different now. you need to be updating…

  6. GUNNY


    Where’s the love, man?!

    If he’s such a slacker now, imagine how much of a spare he’s going to be once he gets a new job on.


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