Bought a house

I have no money. I just accepted a position at Redeemer PCA in Overland Park, KS and already Laura has spent all my money on a home. I love the home and we can’t wait to get to Kansas and pour all of our life into youth ministry. I still hate blogs and I know George loves them when they are deep theological works and not about life. So I would like to take this time to say George loves N.T. Wright and thinks he is right on with the NPP. I would also like to request that George, Jay or Gun write about how to really live the Christian life, how might we become more sanctified in actuality. I’ve been thinking about Col 3:17, “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” I don’t do that, but I want to. I speak and act in ways that benefit me, not the name of Jesus Christ. Sure I can hold myself up to those who do it even less than me and be proud of my accomplishments, but that would be stupid and I try to avoid stupidity whenever I can. That’s why I don’t take part in extreme sports or spend much time in Wal-Mart. Anyway enjoy the picture of our new home.



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8 responses to “Bought a house

  1. M. Jay Bennett

    Dude . . . c’mon! You’re killin’ me!

    How could a Westminterian drive a wedge between theology and right living? William Ames has taught us that theology is “the doctrine of living unto God.” Peter van Mastricht has taught more precisely that it is “the doctrine of living unto God by Christ.”

    Didn’t Edwards spend much of his life journaling about theology? Surely you wouldn’t accuse him of wasting his time? Not that any of us are equivalent to Edwards, far from it! But difference in dgree does not equal difference in kind. Our theological journaling may not be up to speed with Edwards, but it is still the same exercise.

    I think of blogging as fingerpainting for grad students, especially grad students in the field of humanities or theology. It’s a way to enter into creative artistic expression through words and images. It’s a way to learn and refine one’s thinking on subects of interest. It’s a way to interact with others so iron can sharpen iron. Why you tryin to dull my blade man?

    “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do . . . including blogging.” Right?

    “You have let this dark lord twist your mind until . . . until you have become the very thing you swore to destroy”–Obi Wan to Anakin on Mustafar.

    Anyway, enough with the admonition.

    Congratulations on the new house! That’s exciting. May the Lord fill your home with his love.

    Blessings to you bro!

  2. george d.

    I agree with what Jay said.

  3. Hough

    Seriously? Seriously? You aquate blogging with what Edwards did in his journals? You think I’m talking about putting a wedge between theology and life? Seriously? I think what my concern is about is that there be a tie between the two a joining not a wedge between the two. That is my whole point, we love Edwards and he was as academic and theological as you can get, but he was also the real deal. That is why we love him, he really lived what he “blogged.” That is my whole point. The reason Piper is such a hero is that he is deep, he thinks about things deeply, but then he really lives it. That is all I’m saying, live out your theology, don’t just blog it. Man, y’all have sucked me into this stupid concept. Seriously, I kinda like it. Which makes me kinda hate myself.

  4. george d.


    you obviously don’t read the end of almost every one of my posts where I give applicational points to the theology that I have just set forth. I guess you’re spending too much time thinking about how Jonathan Edwards “blogged” when he didn’t even have a computer.

  5. Hough

    George is an idiot. How do I make your blog link from mine?

  6. M. Jay Bennett

    I agree with you bro. We have to be in the business of living what we believe. Zeal without knowledge is foolishness and understanding without affection is tragedy. The Christian life has to be about both rigorous, hard thinking and joyful obedience.


  7. GUNNY

    Can you image if Edwards had a blog?

    I’d be on that thing like flys on a rib roast. Yes, in fact, I’d wanna be friends with it.

    It’s been said, those who can’t do, teach and those who can’t teach teach gym.

    Is Hough saying, those who can’t do teach (in a seminary) and those who can’t teach blog?!

  8. Hough

    I wonder if we would have all of Edwards great works if he lived in the era of blogs, cause he might have spent his days responding to post on the blog or posting on Whitfield’s blog or taking pictures of his kid in Mexican Futbol jerseys. Elliot Greene always told us if Calvin had a cell phone the Institutes would have been 2 chapters long.

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