Beckham’s Birthday (sorta)

This past Thursday, Jan 18th we celebrated Beckham’s birthday (Jan 4th). See, he was born on the day that Texas University won a national title so it just doesn’t seem right that we celebrate anything on that day, besides he’ll never know from pictures that it wasn’t actually his birthday. Unless of course this post is still in existence. Anyway, we had the Felich’s over, ate a meal, had some Blue Bell, asked Shari to get a snake from an ice cooler, played some Nintendo Wii and called it a night. Good times. The picture here is of his cupcake which he had no interest in eating. For whatever reason he doesn’t care for sugar yet. Looks good on him though.



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4 responses to “Beckham’s Birthday (sorta)

  1. Anonymous

    From Shari- Beware of the blue cooler to any one who chooses to dine with the houghs.

    From Tony- Did you know that Blue Bell stuff is made right here in Kansas?

  2. Anonymous

    My jaw dropped this evening when I checked my RSS feeds and found a new post on Brian’s blog. This is great!

    Look at that boy. He’s growin’ up fast. Good thing he got his mom’s looks ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hough

    Blue Bell is from Kansas? How about some Ranch with that Buffalo Style Chicken Wing

  4. Anonymous

    You enabled anonymous! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Aww! He’s getting so big. I hope ya’ll are enjoying Kansas. It definitely looks like ya’ll are! Thanks for updating.

    angie e

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