Death in the Suburb

This afternoon I may have broken the fourth commandment when I made a snow man, however Laura did brake the 6th commandment when she murdered my snowman, I guess you could call her a COLD blooded murder. Here is a photo of Tiny and I with Mr. Snowman just a few minutes before the accident.

Let’s take a look at how the murder went down. Mr. Snowman is shown here posing with Laura.

This photo was taken moments later after Laura fired a shot from the sixth floor window.

Now we see the results of her attack, Mr Snowman is dead and Laura clearly is responsible.

After a further investigation some evidence has surfaced that might show Laura to be little more than a patsy. If you look close at the picture above you will notice that Laura was to the left of Mr. Snowman, while he does in fact fall back and to the left, back and to the left, back and to the left. Perhaps there was a second gunman on the snowy knoll and LBJ is really responsible, we will never really know…



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6 responses to “Death in the Suburb

  1. Anonymous

    Beyond your misunderstanding of the Ten Commandments…I’m concerned that you let your wife murder snowmen with those slippers on…

  2. Hough

    Are the pharisees not a good source for understanding the sabbath?

  3. Anonymous

    About as good as a Texan knowing what kind of dipping sauce to use for wings….

  4. Anonymous

    It looks like the lower ball just wasn’t big enough.

    Brian, you need to learn to give your snowmen bigger balls. Maybe then they’ll be able to stand up under pressure.


  5. Anonymous

    Perhaps it was a self portrait?

  6. Anonymous

    Interesting theory.

    There IS a striking resemblance.

    Oh wait . . . that’s Tiny!

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