Lara in Kansas

My best friend came to visit last weekend! Needless to say, we had a great time! The ice storm came in the day she did (and actually left with her too!), so we got to bundle up and use our scarves even! And I’m happy to report that our mall excursion with Becks turned out better than our one last time (he was little…we were still learning what to do with a kid!)! Beckham had a great time with his Auntie Lara!

We went to Cabela’s– a huge hunter-ish store that I’m sure Jared would be jealous of. He would have loved it. Coop and I just looked at the dead animals. Lots of dead animals. She even knew what they were…Jared would be proud. I think one was a deer. Thanks Lara for coming to see us in Kansas…we miss you!!!!



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3 responses to “Lara in Kansas

  1. Anonymous

    A trip to Cabela’s is a sacred thing. “might have been a deer”? Oh my. It’s like two buddhists visiting Mecca and saying “they looked at us funny when we kept our shoes on while leap-frogging all the people bent over chanting”.

  2. Hough

    I think I saw a deer when I visited Cabela’s with y’all a few weeks ago too.

  3. Anonymous

    Not sure what offends me more, your hickish use of “y’all” or your lack of outdoorsmanship.

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