Searching for Great Kan-Mex

My search for the best Tex-Mex place in Kansas continued this past weekend as we tried the often recommended Tequila Harry’s. Unfortunatly Overland Park has not caught onto the recent trend of smoke-free enviroment. The food however was fairly good, not on par with Gloria’s or Posados in Dallas, but good none the less. The funniest thing about Mexican food here is that every resturant serves a glorified version of ketchup as salsa and then has a “hot” or “spicy” version for Mexicans and Texans. The Texan version however is merely a mix of the hottest peppers they could get their hands on. It is very hot, but not so good. All in all though there is good Mexican food here and so far the winner is Jose Pepper’s. Jose Pepper is actuall the son of Dr. Pepper, which is true and may be my favorite thing about the place. Anyway, the picture here shows a Kansas chip on the left and a Texas chip on the right. Just like the state, much larger, but really almost the same.



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4 responses to “Searching for Great Kan-Mex

  1. Anonymous

    I highly recommmend McDonald’s breakfast burritos. They’re the real deal.

  2. Anonymous

    Dude! That’s a weak chip. I’ll pray for you. Or better yet . . . for Kansas!

  3. Michelle

    how can you survive in a state with no mexican food???
    just one of the the many reasons to get back to tx as soon as possible.

  4. GUNNY

    Come down here and I’ll treat you to some Pacho’s, brutha!

    I had me some White Castles this week, brutha, but missed my White Castle buddy.

    The Pipe was particularly tender you weren’t there.

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