Texas People Are So Annoying

Laura has mastered cookie making. I have mastered cookie eating. Becks still thinks his dog is called “ga.” Which is more than he knows about what to call his parents. The reason for this post however is to show Laura’s most recent cookie creations. They are Texas cookies and there is one Kansas cookie which had to be labeled Kansas so that it was not mistaken for Colorado, Nebraska or Sponge Bob. Of course the other cookies are a reference to FC Dallas, the greatest team to never win anything.



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5 responses to “Texas People Are So Annoying

  1. Anonymous

    I found something soothing and at the same time symbolic as I dipped some of those Texas cookies in milk and devoured them.

    Incidentally, this has to be one of the most informative blogs ever done by a Texan.

  2. Michelle

    Way to go, Laura…I see that she is taking her newfound role as SAHM seriously!

  3. GUNNY

    Those cookies look awfully small to be genuine Texas cookies!

  4. Kasey

    I bet those weren’t as good as Laura’s chocolate muddies!

  5. Anonymous

    ima texan and damnn proud of it

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