Wild Beast in my Home!!

Here are a couple of old pictures of Tiny behaving like a rational being. The one is of him checking on Beckham the first week we had him home. The other was a morning that Laura brought Beckham into our room and then they all fell back to sleep, it is real though which cracks me up. For the record Beckham did not then and does not now sleep in our bed. Not that there is anything wrong with it!



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2 responses to “Wild Beast in my Home!!

  1. M. Jay Bennett

    Those are great photos. Tiny is the coolest.

  2. GUNNY

    He’s no Baxter, and I’ll bet he doesn’t even speak Spanish.

    Still, do you allow him the whole wheel of cheese. Don’t get mad, just be impressed.

    Hey, just don’t ever punt Tiny!

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