Beckham and Barbie

Laura’s future sister-in-law has asked Laura to be a bridesmaid in her wedding to Todd (Laura’s Aggie brother who lives in Dallas. He hates big overpasses, spiders and measures his confidence level by holding his had at some point between his head and toes). Do do so she sent out Barbie dolls that look like each girl and a picture of all the barbies representing the wedding party. For the record Laura is Beach Glam Barbie. Anyway I told Laura that if we let Beckham play with the barbie he may grow up to be gay based upon this one single event. Surely allowing your son to play with a Barbie will bring about covenant cursings (just a joke). Anyway, let it be known that I objected to his playing with Barbie and I must say I was a very proud father when he grabbed her by the head shook her around and finally threw her. I wouldn’t recommend it as gentleman behavior, but any rejection of Barbie at this point is a good sign. All this being said I did play with a She-ra (he man counterpart) doll as a kid and I’m not gay.



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3 responses to “Beckham and Barbie

  1. GUNNY


    Can I just say I’m happier to see Beckham playing with Barbie than playing with Ken?


  2. Hough

    Good Point!

  3. Ashley

    haha Im glad it at least got played with! Maybe Sadie will put it to better use:)

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