Pepper Watch Your Back!!!

Mi Ranchero, Hole-in-wall, no, a hole in the wall would seem more attractive at first sight. This place came recommended by Lydia (Church secretary) and had it not I would never have gone in to the previous Pizza Hut location (just a wild guess). Inside you almost leave the country, it still looks like a pizza hut, but few waiters speak english and soccer is playing on the two televisions. Real soccer with teams like the Aguilas and Chivas. No pink Sicilian teams in this establishment. Anyway, the place is not quite Tex-Mex, but dethrones Jose Peppers for the following reasons. Quality of Food is just as good as Peppers, it even comes with that odd Mid West Mex ball with flag thing. The price is cheaper, you can split a meal due to the size and free coupons for Espinaca Dip that come in the mail. The waiters are friendly and even brought free ice cream for Beckham to eat and exchanged broken trash talk about about the US national team vs. Mexico. I highly recommend this place inspite of the scary exterior. However for Jay and George, stick to Gloria’s sweet goodness.



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4 responses to “Pepper Watch Your Back!!!

  1. Kasey

    They started working on the Gloria’s by our house. We’ll be savoring the bean dip in no time!

  2. M. Jay Bennett

    What’s Gloria’s? Oh that’s Pasado’s handmaiden.

  3. Liberace

    With all due respect- Tex-Mex and anything like it is gay….

  4. GUNNY

    liberace clearly has never had any Tex-Mex outside of the Kansas area.

    Of course, Kan-Mex is ubergay!

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