A Caring Husband



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7 responses to “A Caring Husband

  1. M. Jay Bennett

    What happened? Was Tony getting his wife back for something? What was in the cooler?

  2. AJF

    I have no idea who this person is or what this video is about.

  3. GUNNY

    Some serious Sgt. Schulz going on here.

    I know nutzing!

  4. Stephanie

    Even though this post is over a month old, and makes zero sense to me, i’m going to use it to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, update already.

  5. Angie

    Ok…. update the website!

  6. M. Jay Bennett

    Dude! It’s been more than a month! Where’s the love?

  7. hough

    This video is Tony (Senior Pastor) getting excited after his wife looks in ice chest only to find a snake when she expected diet coke.

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