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A job that requires canoeing?

Who gets to have a job where you go on a three day canoe trip with some really fun kids? We had a “McMazing” time throwing people from their canoes (Brian claims he led a preemptive strike against Bob…said he could “see it in his eyes.” Both boats went down), “baptizing” Rick (despite his resistance), catching turtles, throwing food at Mallory to make sure her blood sugar didn’t get too low, playing on the dam (insert dam joke here), playing putt putt, making the girls cry from the scary stories, watching Harriett and Roxie inhale RockStar (this gave them a good 5 minutes of hyper before crashing. $7 well spent!), learning about how NOT to implement Matthew 18, sleeping on triple bunks and talking about everything in “Mc” after eating at McDonalds (“‘McDonalds’…that’s a good one!”)!



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Be afraid…

Brian recently borrowed an electric saw thing from the neighbors (I can’t remember the technical name) to cut some of the ugly bushes down in our yard. It must be a boy thing cause he spent all day out there, and after he had cut EVERYTHING alive down in our front yard (and I do not exaggerate) he moved onto the backyard and proceeded to do the same. Nothing was safe. Now we have a lot of dirt and holes in our yard…good thing we have nice neighbors who probably only talk about how trashy it is behind our backs and not to our faces! Next up is building a patio and I’m pretty sure that will get a post too!

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Poor Tiny

I realized there have been a lot of Beckham blogs lately, and I think that’s cause he’s at such a fun age. He learns something new daily and is always making us laugh (usually when he’s being weird–he’s a ham!). His newest thing is wanting to hold and carry Tiny around. It’s funny to us to see how proud Becks is and how scared Tiny is. Poor Tiny. There’s a lot of chasing in this house lately. Lucky for Tiny he’s still faster…for now!


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