A job that requires canoeing?

Who gets to have a job where you go on a three day canoe trip with some really fun kids? We had a “McMazing” time throwing people from their canoes (Brian claims he led a preemptive strike against Bob…said he could “see it in his eyes.” Both boats went down), “baptizing” Rick (despite his resistance), catching turtles, throwing food at Mallory to make sure her blood sugar didn’t get too low, playing on the dam (insert dam joke here), playing putt putt, making the girls cry from the scary stories, watching Harriett and Roxie inhale RockStar (this gave them a good 5 minutes of hyper before crashing. $7 well spent!), learning about how NOT to implement Matthew 18, sleeping on triple bunks and talking about everything in “Mc” after eating at McDonalds (“‘McDonalds’…that’s a good one!”)!



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2 responses to “A job that requires canoeing?

  1. kellie

    see the thing is.. i called 5 numbers on my phone the other day..titled laura..laura cell..hough..hough cell..AND laura & hough..
    not a single one worked..and this same lady answers laura’s number every time..and she gets really mad at me..but i forget.. and then i call it again the next month. so, i will see you when you can give me numbers to reach you. 😦

  2. Anonymous

    Nice bunch of kids there. Glad to see you are all doing well… Though the saw thing was a bit frightening. Beckham is getting so big, and definitely looka more and more boyish and less and less baby….
    I like the youth group’s homepage too. Looks like ya’ll are thriving. So good to see that!


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