Tony and FC Dallas Fan

This is more less a test to see if the new Windows Live Writer actually works or not. But what a great moment when Tony learned we were sitting next to this dude. TonyandFCDallasFan










Brian - slimed!



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5 responses to “Tony and FC Dallas Fan

  1. M. Jay Bennett

    What is that all over you Brian?

  2. Anonymous

    Oh my! That’s Brian…. double take…. Looks like someone’s lunch- the already partially digested kind.
    Now where’s pictures of the cutie of the family- Beckham?

  3. AJF

    Alright Palermo…this means war…I have a few of you that will be showing up on my blog soon.

  4. billy newhouse


    It’s been awhile! How are you doing? Congrats on Beckham.


  5. Hough

    It is slime Tony made as a reward for the girls getting more points than the boys at VBS. I believe it is tomato sauce, anchovies, live worms, old stuff from the fridge and many other ingredients designed to give me a beautiful complexion.

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