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Thanksgiving at the Creecy’s

Laura and Carmen mixing not one, but two types of gravy, there were three total counting the Vegan version.

Scott and Brian Frying a Turkey, there were not one, but three types of turkey this day, Fried, Roasted and Smoked, plus some soybean made to taste like turkey.

Kasey and George reading not one, but 4 ads from the newspaper, there were a total of 54 ads from the paper.

Beckham and Lnyea (Lin-Yay) watching the Dunn boys rake not one, but 5 piles of leaves in the front yard, all vegan piles I must add.

Mark and Jodi after Mark had not one, but 34 (and apparently another 1/2) mimosas; also vegan.



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Public Service Announcement

Jimmy the Groin has something to say to Tony…


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Bow Hunters are Sissies

Tony and Nathan are Bow Hunters. The following video is an attempt to show them the folly of such behavior.


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