Public Service Announcement

Jimmy the Groin has something to say to Tony…


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8 responses to “Public Service Announcement

  1. GUNNY

    Once you get ordained, you’re not going to have time to make videos all day, sir!

    Also, what’s up with the KC Wizards?!

    Where’s the FC Dallas love?

  2. Hough

    I like the Wizards. What seems really odd to me is that I meet Jimmy Conrad and within five minutes of talking to him, this is what comes to mind? Hey, can I record you telling my friend to stop Bow Hunting?

  3. GUNNY

    Between bow hunting and dodge ball, it’s a wonder you Presbyterians have any time left for soccer!

  4. Hough

    I really think it is all the extra powers that come from faithfully baptizing our covenant children. I do hope for you to experience these powers someday. If so, you might even have time to take up fencing, bocce ball or even painting in your spare time. 🙂

  5. GUNNY


    No lacrosse? No Parchessi?


  6. Hough

    Yes, Parchessi that is a great game


    Very creative. Now if you can just show the un-edited version where he condemns Sluggard-ing….that would be nice.

  8. AJF

    Right on Gunny- he’s not going to have time to make videos all day!

    Brian, is my car washed yet?

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