Thanksgiving at the Creecy’s

Laura and Carmen mixing not one, but two types of gravy, there were three total counting the Vegan version.

Scott and Brian Frying a Turkey, there were not one, but three types of turkey this day, Fried, Roasted and Smoked, plus some soybean made to taste like turkey.

Kasey and George reading not one, but 4 ads from the newspaper, there were a total of 54 ads from the paper.

Beckham and Lnyea (Lin-Yay) watching the Dunn boys rake not one, but 5 piles of leaves in the front yard, all vegan piles I must add.

Mark and Jodi after Mark had not one, but 34 (and apparently another 1/2) mimosas; also vegan.



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5 responses to “Thanksgiving at the Creecy’s

  1. Hough

    Ever had ToDeerFu?

  2. AJF


    I hear the Creecy’s gave everyone some kind of plague?

    Happy Thanksgiving Texas style!

  3. Anonymous

    Shame on you, ajf, for spreading vicious gossip about those wonderful Creecy’s over the internet! We should also qualify that against better judgement, no vegans were harmed during the making of this amazing meal!

  4. AJF

    That’s a shame. I’ve always imagined that Vegans would die by some sort of animal attack…

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