Beckham Sledding

For the second straight year we took Beckham sledding in the front yard on a cookie sheet. This year he enjoyed it a great deal more than last year. I also drilled him in the head with a snowball, definitely plan to do that more.



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4 responses to “Beckham Sledding

  1. AJF

    poor kid…no chance with such parenting. A cookie sheet?

  2. Nathan

    Another sign of his “Texasness” a cookie sheet and no boots. I’ll find some for Beckham before someone calls the child abuse hotline…it may be too late since Brian drilled him in the head with a snowball.

  3. Mark

    ADORABLE!! I think the cookie sheet is a genius idea. We’ll probably do the same in a couple of years. 🙂 By the way, I am SO happy that he said “Mommy’s silly.” Very cute; he’s definitely in the top 4 of the cutest boys ever. Love ya!

  4. the melton's

    SO SO fun! I’m jealous that Becks has snow to play in! What a cute personality, too. Miss you!

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