A few pics

Need to be better at this, but since I’m not, here’s a few kid pics. We’ve had a fun summer, so some youth and us pictures later!!

Becks decided Sadie needed to take off her clothes. And that he needed to be the one to do it. Then he didn’t want to wear his either. And he told me his big boy undies were hats…here we go!

“Found my feet”

Beckham’s checking it out in this one…
And then of course…

This is our Chubbers, but we call her Sadie Piper

Brian and Becks came down in hats yesterday. I can only imagine the conversation that went with this: “Daddy wearing hat?” “Yes”
“Daddy wearing hat?” “I am”
“Daddy wearing hat?” “Sure am”
“Daddy wearing hat?” “I am wearing a hat”
“Daddy wearing hat?” “You are right”
“Daddy wearing hat?” (no answer…)
“Beckham wear a hat?” “Sure, you can wear a hat too”



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3 responses to “A few pics

  1. vanderson

    Lookin good in the hats! Today I’m in a class learning to create a blog so i decided to look at your blog to get some ideas.

  2. Hough

    I can’t wait to see your blog. Thanks for commenting.

  3. GUNNY

    I assume that your son is wearing a disAstros hat, but he was wise enough to spin it around so the logo was unseen.

    Shrewd young man you have there, in spite of the fatherly influence to sloogey teams.


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