4th of July Picnic

This Fourth of July we celebrated America’s independence by hanging out with the Thomas’, Creecys, Smiths and Dunns at the Thomas farm. One year ago we sat at home while Laura threw up pregnant with Sadie Piper. We arrived in the afternoon when a round of golf was played, ATVs driven and great quantities of chips and dips eaten. After downing some of the best steak I’ve ever had, we watched as Mark and Rick set off a professional-grade fireworks show. Some of the fireworks failed to launch into the air which makes for a more entertaining show when they explode.  We had a really great time relaxing with some of our covenant family to celebrate our country’s independence from the bloody English. Plus I was able to watch my two favorite teams, FC Dallas and KC Wizards play to a 1-1 tie in High Definition. Click on keep reading to see more pictures.

Momo with Sadie Piper

Beckham and Rowdy sharing some food

Bean with her “Derby Hat”

Scott and Cole taking a drive around the farm

Mark and the gang on the fasted ATV I’ve ever been on

Jennifer and Bean

Sadie Piper asking for a cigar from Charles Spurgeon. She didn’t get one.

Here is the whole set, 62 total photos of the day, they include Rick looking like Satre and Rowdy sleeping, among other things


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