Canoe Trip with Students

The last week of June we put together a camp for the students in our Presbytery (churches in our denomination in a geographic area, in this case, Kansas). We played games, canoed 4 miles, rafted 9 miles, took part in the ultimate relay race, hiked, volleyball, swimming, worshiped God in song, studied His Word, etc. While it requires a great deal of preparation the trip itself has become the most fun event of our summer two years running. We’ve pulled a few pictures to share if you click on the keep reading link.

Joey (Upcoming High School Senior) and I singing the song from The Little Mermaid, “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat, wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete…”

Here Laura is thinking how great fishing is.

Here Laura is thinking how gross fishing is

This is me with Cameron, Chris, Joey, Zach, a dog named Marco with about 20 turtles in our boat. We caught the turtles by swimming up to them slowly and pouncing on them. Sometimes we would put on goggles and chase them down underwater which was a real rush.

We picked the dog up along the  way, he kept following us and after telling the guys that he could not get in our boat I gave in. See the dog tried to follow us through rapids and started coughing from inhaling water, I felt bad and let him in. I then insisted we not name the thing, his name is Marco. Marco was promptly returned to his owners by the camp director upon our return.

Laura hanging out on the porch

Laura and Momo, took same picture last year.

PDA, this was not allowed on the trip

Swimming. I glow in the dark I’m so white after two years in Kansas

This is the turtle hunting crew in full garb.

We took a yellow school bus from Kansas City

There are a ton of pictures on flickr at the following link if your interested. RiverRanch ’08 Pictures


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