Vicki Visits Greggy

My (Brian) brother Greg is a surgeon in the Air Force. This past month he and his wife, Rachel,  moved to Alaska where he is based for the next four years. Last week my mom, Vicki, flew up to visit Greg and Rachel before taking a cruise down the coast. Here are some of the pictures of that trip. More pictures if you click on keep reading.

This is Greggy’s new house, what he really needs is a new sweatshirt.

Here is the Chevy in the driveway, I imaging that fridge is full of moose already

Mom (Vicki) with a big Bear killing gun. They all traveled 8 miles out into the wilderness. Along they way they met two guys who had been out there for 6 days. I wonder where they used the restroom, can you go in the woods?

Greggy catching big trout.

Here is Vicki at the lodge

Again with the lame sweatshirt, Here is a link to a good one.


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