In El Paso/Juarez/New Mexico

This past week Laura and I traveled to Mexico/El Paso on a mission trip with our students. The work was hard but the fellowship was wonderful. This was one of those trips where you must be serving Christ’s Church or simple wear out. In years past we’ve spent time interacting with the church members in Mexico and done VBS or other relational centric activities. This year the local church called on us to finish a home they have been working on all summer. It is for the Pena family whose previous home burned to the ground a year or two ago leaving the five of them living in a tiny room above an auto repair place with no running water. Now they have a three bedroom house that is quality due to the work of many churches coming down and a few skilled believers who volunteered their summer. You can see all of the on our flick account a few quality student ones or just a few Laura and I centric ones by clicking on the following link.

Here is our group showing our signs from a game the previous evening.

This is when the heat was just to much and I died. I got better though.

Here Laura is racing Joy down Mount Kitty Litter.

Bathroom facilities were shady at best.

On top of some dunes at sunset.

Laura hard at work removing nothing from the cement.

After rolling in the sand trying to stop Nathan from reaching the top of a dune before me.

I was so tired I didn’t get up after rolling down this hill, soon I was being buried and next thing you know it is clear I would make a good ramp and I did make a good ramp.

Heading back up a dune after sledding down it.      


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