Room Makeover

We’ve made many changes to our home since moving in two years ago. Painted bedroom, hallway, living room, kitchen, dinning room, Beckham’s room, Sadie Piper’s room, put in wood(lament) floors on main level, tile in bathroom (used to be carpet, like a sponge next to the toilet, very gross). Recently we began changing the Creecy room (no idea what it is supposed to be so on the day we moved in we named it after the Creecy’s who helped us move in. If we’d known about Momo then we would have called it the Lame room). Anyway we recently took out the carpet and used floor paint to make it easier to clean as it is the main room we enter the house through. Painted the wall Brown and Blue and reclaimed the chair rail and changed the light sockets which previous owner painted over. So the before and after pictures are below. Before pictures are the way the previous owner had the room set up when Laura first looked at the house.

Angle 1 Before

Angle 2 After

Click link to see pictures of the other side of the room.

Angle 2 Before

Angle 2 After

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