Hi, I’m a Mac

This past month one of my Windows PCs crashed and burned while the other was so slow that I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled Windows. The files are backed up online, but as of today I still have not been able to get them back due to the downloads constantly failing. So when it came time to get a new computer I hesitantly went Mac. It has been two weeks now and everyday I’m more satisfied with the switch.

When I was a child our first computer was an Apple IIe. My brother Brad would make programs on it that consisted of a series of questions which only he knew the answers to. If I answered any wrong it would tell me I was a dork. Since then I’ve always been interested in Apples, but never wanted to really go that way because they cost a bit more, are not compatible with everything, have less software and so on. Now I’m so impressed with my MacBook that I can’t believe I didn’t make the switch earlier. I drank the Kool-Aid.

I’ll admit that everything has not been compatible, the printer at church has not been very easy to get working, our rep says this is because it is an old printer missing a feature that all new printers now come with (PostScript). To be fair though I was unable to get my Windows Vista PC to work with the printer either. The beauty of the Mac is how easy everything is though. When things are compatible there is no set up at all. There are six other printers on our network at church that I never knew existed which the Mac identified and is now ready to print to.

There are a few short cuts built into the Mac OS Leopard that makes moving around the computer very easy. One is called Hot Corners which is activated when the mouse pointer is dragged to one of the four corners of the screen. Mine is setup to trigger Expose and Spaces seen above. Spaces allows you to set up as many desktops as you want, it is like having multiply screens. Expose shows you every aspect of every program running which allows me to move from one application to another with ease.

The picture above is what the desktop looks like, there is no start button, you launch applications by clicking on the logo at the bottom, when an app is minimized you can see the contents by moving my mouse over the icon (seen on right side where a small version of every file is shown).

A few other things I love out this machine is the 4.5 hour battery, you can close the lid and open it up over and over and it only takes about 2 seconds to be working again, keyboard shortcuts speeding up common task, simple to understand applications and an odd sense of creativity simply using it. Ultimately my hope and prayer is that I will become more productive with less need to constantly be working on my making my PC work thereby giving me more time to focus on the ministry God has given us to do.

If you are considering a new computer I highly recommend the Mac. Matt Austin, Jacob and Renae Vos, Joy Hillyer and Travis Shanahan (although he has installed Linux on it, he is wicked smart, not sure why but "wicked" is a good thing now) all use the Mac. If anyone else has it let me know so we can video chat sometime.


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  1. Sounds great…you can’t print.

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