Colossians, Kolaches, Klobasneks

laura cooking

This is my personal chef with Colossians, the name the youth gave to what we told them were kolaches. Turns out that Kolaches are a Czech food made with a dinner like roll topped with sweet fruit filling. According to Wikipedia what we make are called klobasneks, also of Czech origin, but only popular in Texas. When Laura first made these we were surprised that none of them had ever heard of them. Laura makes these by first making dinner roll dough in her bread maker machine. Then we divide the dough into smaller pieces and stuff it with american cheese, little smokies and optionally jalapeño peppers. Then you bake them in the oven. The result is a soft dinner roll filled with hot sausage, melted cheese (and preferably jalapeños).

Laura Cooking
I just threw this picture in for fun, where is her husband? Why is he not helping?

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  1. okay…random question…

    What specific paint colors are the khaki and blue on your walls? I love them!

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