Big day!

Today we signed Beckham up for a Kids Day Out program, once a week, starting in Jan! We went up to the school to do paperwork and on the way there Brian made fun of me for saying I never understood people getting sad to send their kids to school–I’ve always thought of it as so much fun for the kids, but I can see why it’s a little emotional now! Anways, right after Brian finished laughing at me, we got out of the car, I got SP out and Brian got Becks. Becks gets to the sidewalk and starts running, so excited, to his school. Brian wants to hold his hand and tells him to come back…Becks says “I’m just going  to my school,” and Brian, visibly upset that his boy is getting big, makes him come back and hold his dad’s hand to walk up! So, we are even now!


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