Few Random Pictures

Beckham and Anya

This is Beckham with one of his best friends, Anya.

Beckham and Advent Tree

This is Beckham with his advent tree, a gift from the Burtons. This is a while ago. It is covered now. It is a visual way to take children through the Bible at Advent/Christmas time leading up to the coming of Christ. Awhile back he came home from Christmas Pageant rehearsal where he was supposed to be a shepherd who takes care of the sheep. He walked around all morning pretending to have a sheep in his hands he was taking care of. As we were talking about Isaac and the ram which is stuck in the bushes to be the sacrifice in Isaac’s place he asked what a ram is. I told him a ram is like a sheep so he tells me that God is going to take care of the ram. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that God is going to take care of the ram like Italians “take care” of people, so next year we may need to clear that up. More Photos after link.

Becks at Roxie's game

Here Beckham watches Roxie play with Kansas City Christian vs KC Metro, KCC won the game. At one point Beckham walked down to play with the girls in the background and they put all there toys away and wouldn’t talk to him. Pretty sad, but he didn’t seem to care.

Laura and Espy

Here Laura and Sadie Piper are still waiting to warm up.


Sadie Piper with her front teeth, she has four now and one of them is chipped.



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2 responses to “Few Random Pictures

  1. Lyle Burton

    After this post, be especially wary if someone with dark curly hair promises that you will be well taken care of!

  2. Ashley Celinski

    Please tell me that is the laughing Cookie Monster we got for Beckham….hopefully someone is getting a kick out of it like we did.

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