B and Momo have been spoiling Becks this week! He’s loves his new toys…of course!

B got him LOTS of food for his kitchen. Yes, our son has a kitchen! Don’t make fun of him: his wife will be lucky!

dec 08 012

Momo had a “date” (that’s what we call it when she babysits!) with Beckham and spoiled him for the night! She put a musical candle in his pizza, got him a fun Sonic drink and let him have a carpet picnic for dinner! She even relit the candle a few times for cause he kept wanted to blow it out again!

birthday week 2009 010

Momo got SP and Becks a farm set! So perfect!

birthday week 2009 003

More pictures, follow link!

birthday week 2009 002

birthday week 2009 011

birthday week 2009 001

dec 08 005

dec 08 010


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  1. Cole loves to cook too. He makes us dinner all the time.

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