Beckham’s Birthday Party!

To celebrate, we took Becks to the funnest place on earth for a 3 year old…Chuck E Cheese! He of course wanted to bring Jackson, so we brought the whole Shana-clan cause we like them all! Who better to share hours of 80’s music with?

Jan 2009 074

This shot of him “listening” to Chuck E Cheese is not set-up, that was all him! Funny!

 Jan 2009 015


Jan 2009 038

More fun pictures…


Jan 2009 043

Jan 2009 052

I loved her eyes in this one

Jan 2009 086


Jan 2009 083

This is SP’s velour sweat suit that I think she’s adorable in. Makes our chubby girl look athletic! : )

Jan 2009 078 

OK, so the adults might have used a few tokens…

Jan 2009 067

I’m kind of concerned that I actually thought this gun game was fun.

Jan 2009 031

They played this more than once…they are so like Beckham and Jackson…but 25 years older! 

Jan 2009 025


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One response to “Beckham’s Birthday Party!

  1. High Score against Travis I might mention. I scored more than Wilt Chamberlain 224 points!

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