Happy Birthday BumBum!

We can’t believe Becks is three, but when we think about it, it seems like he’s been around so much longer than just three years! We’ve all  had a great time celebrating this week!  We are a little concerned tomorrow’s going to come as quite a shock to him. “What? It’s not my Birthday Week anymore?!?!”

dec 08 039

He got this cool toy from Brian’s mom. Seems weird, but already it’s been a bed for his toys, a spinny chair, a stool, a helmet, a turtle shell…(pics of all this under “more” link) It’s the perfect toy for him and his imagination!

dec 08 014

Rick brought him over a Slurpee. We aren’t sure if this is the smallest size they had (which is doubtful) or if Rick just thought bigger was better…even when you are three. He even bought the edible straw! Becks spent about  an hour in bed from the sugar high before falling asleep for his nap! Well worth it on Birthday Week!

dec 08 027

B and Howdy got him a safari animal set too! Ironically he was most interested in the rocks! Thanks B and Howdy for always finding just the perfect toys for him!! He does love “aminals.”

dec 08 026

Toy as stool

dec 08 017

Toy as spinny chair

dec 08 015

dec 08 032

dec 08 025

dec 08 035


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One response to “Happy Birthday BumBum!

  1. Happy belated birthday Beckham! I remember holding you when you were only a few hours old. I can’t believe you’re already three.

    Did y’all get a new dining room table and chairs? Very pretty!

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