Don’t tell Pastor Tony

Jan 2009 - 09

I was chastised this summer by Pastor Tony for bringing Hunts ketchup to a picnic. I learned that another one of the many ways to ruffle his feathers is to bring the wrong brand of ketchup to an event. I listened to his whole speech on how ketchup is great and Heinz is the only way to go and the only reason people by Hunts is because it’s cheaper (sure, how else would I have picked a ketchup brand??). Anyways, the next time I had to buy ketchup, I stood in front of them and even though it hadn’t come from the pulpit (ex cathedra), I still couldn’t ignore his rebuke. So I caved and bought Heinz. We don’t eat a lot of ketchup, but I’m actually sold on Heinz now. It really is yummier. But don’t tell Tony, it’ll go to his head…


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One response to “Don’t tell Pastor Tony

  1. I remain as humble as ever as I say “I TOLD YOU SO”

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