Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Sadie Piper's First Birthday - 79

Well, SP has been in our lives a year now, and it feels more like a few months. I don’t think it’s a secret that Brian and I aren’t huge fans of infants, so SP turning one is especially fun for us (not that we loved her any less, but now she’s getting cool and funner!) Sadie Piper is our firecracker. She’s not a fan of sleeping, but is an expert at walking. She’s getting pretty good at her sign language, but thinks “please” is “thank you.” She has a bruise on her forehead from a fall about 75% of the time, but never seems to mind. She recognizes people she knows with a squeal but still wants to be held by the stranger in line behind us at the store (lucky for me, most people are ok holding a baby that is reaching and whining for them!).

We celebrated her birthday on Sunday with a yummy steak lunch! She got cool toys!!

More pics:

Done eating, time to play!     


Pastor Tony’s “chin beard” impersonation


Who needs a shirt?


This was gross, even for me! Momo ate from her hands!!





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