Tatertot casserole: Crockpot style

We began making easy foods on Sundays last summer when we became convicted that our practice of observing the Lord’s Day was no where near what we believed it should be. The Westminster Shorter Catechism does an amazing job of summarizing the teaching of Scripture and in regards to the 4th commandment. It explains how Sunday is to be sanctified (or set apart) in question 60 as well as what is forbidden to do on the Christian Sabbath.
Q. 60. How is the sabbath to be sanctified?A. The sabbath is to be sanctified by a holy resting all that day, even from such worldly employments and recreations as are lawful on other days; and spending the whole time in the public and private exercises of God’s worship, except so much as is to be taken up in the works of necessity and mercy.
Q. 61. What is forbidden in the fourth commandment?A. The fourth commandment forbiddeth the omission, or careless performance, of the duties required, and the profaning the day by idleness, or doing that which is in itself sinful, or by unnecessary thoughts, words, or works, about our worldly employments or recreations.
Questions 57 – 62 also deal with our understanding of the Sabbath if you are interested.
What seems to many like something that must be done is something we have found wonderful to practice. There are Sundays when we don’t do so well and our focus on worship is very weak compared to the weeks that we do practice it with more intention. I would encourage you to consider what your Sunday (Lord’s Day) looks like and then study the Scriptures to see how you might better set it apart for rest and worship.

Well, Brian did a good job explaining the background and theology behind this post. In practice, it means I try to prepare things for lunch on Sunday on Saturday so it’s ready when we get home. We used to make Tatertot Casserole a lot in college, so when I saw this in a cookbook I thought it was worth a try, for old time’s sake. Crockpot meals get rated on a different scale than normal ones. Mostly cause you can’t compare something that had to be mixed all together to something that didn’t, at the most basic level I think. Anyways, we do a crockpot something almost every Sunday, and this is one of the better ones we think! (Again, it sneaks in the green beans, which is actually a veggie we would all eat anyways though.)


Jan 2009 - 12

Tatertots (enough to cover the bottom of the crockpot. I buy a bag and it lasts me 2-3 meals)

1 lb ground beef (turkey works really well too)

2 cans drained green beans

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1/2 t salt

1/4 t pepper

1 T dried onion

1/4 c milk

Brown and drain meat. Line bottom of crockpot with tatertots. Mix meat and all the other ingredients together and pour over tots. Cook on high for 3 hours (4 works too!). The original recipe says to top it with grated cheese when you serve it, but honestly, we are always halfway through eating when I remember that, and we’ve never missed it!



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4 responses to “Tatertot casserole: Crockpot style

  1. Interesting. So, besides having a meal ready, what does the rest of your Sunday typically look like?

  2. Kids take naps almost until we leave again for church at night (dinner is usually a frozen pizza!). More and more we are leaving the TV off and just hanging out. I’ll nap sometimes, when it’s warm enough Brian likes to get outside and ride his bike. We don’t do it as well as we could, but we try to not work (so no laundry, mowing, cleaning, etc) and instead spend the day enjoying it and God! We’ve really enjoyed the day of just resting!!! I encourage y’all to try it!

  3. Rick

    So why is Bryan dressed like Elder Travis?

  4. Hey Mr Detail, it’s B-R-I-A-N. This is why you can never trust Rickopedia

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