I want to ride my bicycle


A couple of weeks ago I bought a new bike from Bob Albright’s bike shop near the plaza. Before I bought I researched bikes like crazy. In college I received a Gary Fisher Big Sur bike and loved it. That bike was stolen out of my college living room while all of us roommates were at home for holiday. This time I was hoping to find the same feel of a bike. Bob’s shop, Midwest Cyclery (kcbikes.com) carries 7 companies, the two I was interested in for buying a mountain bike is Kona and Felt.

Kona has been around for some time while Felt is more recent and best known for their Road Bikes not Mountain Bikes. Yet as Bob explained the many details that make each bike different he kept insisting that the best way to look into bikes is to get on the bike and ride it. So I went to his shop one Thursday and rode a Kona 26 inch tire and the new 29 inch tire version. I did the same with two models of Felt and it simply felt (no pun intended) better. It felt like my long lost Gary Fisher. I went with the Felt and last Thursday I went on a ride. I took the Indian Creek paved trail northeast and before I knew it I had crossed 435 and found myself across the street from Gates BBQ on Stateline north of 435. I have a odometer on the bike that showed I rode 33.5 miles. I love it.

The goal is to keep building up endurance for a trip along The Katy Trail with Tomi, Bob, and perhaps a few others. Travis and Tim? The Katy Trail is 225 mies long. It goes from Clinton Missouri to nearly St.Louis. We’ll ride 45 miles a day for 5 days and take an Amtrak trail back to Kansas City. Along the trail are wineries and all sorts of interesting towns. I’ll write a post in the future with more info on the trail itself. If you are interested in a great adventure come along with us and if you need a bike (or a GREAT bike) go visit Bob at Midwest Cyclery. One more pic of the new bike after the link. I”m riding it with my dork helmet on.




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2 responses to “I want to ride my bicycle

  1. Todd Phillips

    So why didn’t you get another Gary Fisher?

  2. I am very attached to certain brands and would have bought one, but Bob suggested I ride his Kona’s and Felt Bikes. I really dug the Felt and went with that.

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