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Tony recently posted a picture of my far superior chin beard as it looked my freshman year in college. He also confessed that one of his children saw my long hair in the photo and observed that I look liked like a girl, can’t argue with that. Anyway in my stack of old photos are various stages of my hair of the years so I thought I’d put them all together here. Follow the link to see the various hair styles.

There is no order to this.


This is sophomore year of college at Phi Lamb Formal (Christian Sorority Laura was part of). It was what I call the Meet Joe Black stage.


Sophomore year of High School, if I went long enough without a shower my hair would do anything.


Also high school, helmut head blonde.


In High School soccer stopped being fun when it became too competitive. So so friends (Haas in photo) and I played in a coed league. They didn’t have many rules in the coed league so we painted our faces for the championship game. I also had buzzed my hair not long before this photo.


This is normal hair, they kind you need when getting married or visiting Redeemer before receiving a call.


College again. I’m wearing a shirt stolen from Aaron Armstrong, I never went to Summit. This is the try to get rid of the blonde stage 2. Laura bought some gum and didn’t realize it was going to turn our tongues so bright.


This is my natural hair color. Actually I’m not even sure this is me. As the youngest of three boys I’m fairly certain this is one of those photos parents claim is you when they realize they didn’t actually take any photos of you. Roxie Vos knows about this.


Blonde when I was a bit older than Beckham.


My Dad coached my brother’s soccer team “The War Eagles.” I was the mascot.


Short Blonde Junior Year at Texas A&M University.


College with another stolen t-shirt from Aaron Armstrong. I later gave the shirt away to George Deines. This is punkish blonde.


Freshman year of college at SFA. room is a mess, blondish long hair.


Sophomore year of college, I’m on Stephen F. Austin. Long natural color hair.


Also the Meet Joe Black stage. Laura had her hair pretty short back then.


College dorm hall, again same long hair.


Sophomore year in college at ETBU they raised tuition so me and those guys, Josh and Brandon camped out in protest. We didn’t really care, just a good excuse to camp out in middle of campus. Some blue in hair, was spray on blue and only their for one night.


Freshman year at SFA. Reformation Day. Some people were saying it was something called halloween and that you should dress up. So I was Martin Luther if he had long hair and had lived in Greece. Brians Blue Chin Beard

This is the chin beard that puts Tony’s chin beard to shame. Look at that length, it even held blue coloring.


Long hair again. The funny thing here is that Laura is taking the picture. Missy (green shirt) is her roommate and my friend. We are at Aggie Bonfire in 1998 (the last one) and we never say a word to each other. A month later is when Missy, Aaron and I go into her work.


Meet Joe Black again, Haas, Brian Attaway and me.


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2 responses to “Hair Various Hair

  1. Tony

    Superior to what?

  2. to that thing growing on your chin.

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