In college I went through many roommates. My freshman year at SFA I went potluck and ended up with Lex as my roommate. He was from Buda, Texas and came to college ready to party. Every weekend he’d return home drunk and sometimes even throw up on our floor. While we didn’t exactly experience college the same way we did get along and we spent many nights up late talking about Christ and what it means to live as a Christian. His questions seems to all come back to what a Christian could do without sinning. It seemed that it appealed to him on some level, but not if that meant he would need to quit getting drunk every weekend. We roomed together for one semester, after that we changed roommates, by the end of the second semester Lex had to return home after posting a combined GPA of less than one. Follow link for more pics and roommates.


Spring semester of my freshman year I roomed with Ben (above), He was from near Dallas and a new believer. We got along pretty well and spent a great deal of time riding mountain bikes on area trails. Also at SFA I had a great group of Christian friends, we called ourselves The Alliance and we spend alot of time messing with the guys from the Christian Fraternity, BYX, as well as doing pranks around campus. Colin (now Campus Crusade at Texas Tech), Casey (Missionary in China), Zarro (youth pastor), Wayne(banker), Jay(owns a sign making shop), Travis (camp director), Sparky(freelance graphics). The first week of the year the eight of us would eat like kings. Organizations on campus would have all sorts of free food activities so we went to everything staying just long enough to eat.

The eight of us played golf across campus on a course we made up (cement is water) and at times when the football team was on TV we would watch it and take turns walking across the street to the stadium trying to get on camera. Most of these guys lived in the same house and for a few weeks I lived in their backyard in a tent. I wired it with lights and and video games. If I ever find the photo of it I’ll post it. We watched a ton of WCW Wrestling, put holes in the walls imitating the best moves and spent many afternoons belaying down the chimney or playing on a slip N slid in the front yard. As for Ben, he betrayed The Alliance after a prank that landed everyone in hot water with the University and was forever known as Benedict Arnold.


Fall semester of my sophomore year still at SFA I roomed with Sparky Laich (above) in the dorm. He was freshman obsessed with Texas A&M and had a master plan to transfer there when he could. I knew him from High School and still keep in touch. I spend most of the semester telling him how stupid Texas A&M was. Often when I returned home to our dorm room I would find him sitting there alone drooling all over his shirt laughing.

Spring of my sophomore year I transfered to ETBU (East Texas Baptist University). There the dorms are like little apartments, four rooms and a common area. I went potluck again for roommates and this time it was a bit more strange. The other three guys were Trekkies. At times they would argue if one ship could destroy another ship all the while siting official made up specs of each ship. I liked to try and make stuff up but they never really found it funny. One night The Alliance came up from SFA beat on the door to my room and then carried me off in the middle of the night. The roomies thought I had really been kidnapped and told the RA who thankfully assumed it was a prank and did nothing about it. This was the same trip that March 26th Day was begun.

My Junior Year I transferred to Texas A&M and roomed with my best friend from high school and a few other guys. These are the guys in the photo at the top. We had a pretty good time. One guy Shaun and I used to get on to each other. He’d eat my food and drink my cokes. I would do whatever was appropriate to make sure he stopped doing so. He would do something else and so it continued. The picture above is from a time I chained and locked a shopping cart to Shaun’s truck. He decided he would just drive around with it. One of our roommates was training to be a police officer and thought he might have killed the dream when riding with Shaun at the moment he was pulled over for dragging a shopping cart behind him. He was fine.


Also that year Aaron and I bought a goat which lived in our backyard and inside our house. Every morning Tumnus would BAH! Shaun became so frustrated that he duct taped the goats mouth shut. I came down and found him standing on the couch trying to get the tape off his mouth. We finally got ride of him when it was not so kindly brought to our attention that goats were not acceptable pets in the city limits. At some point during that year I lost the box spring to my bed and lived in a tent in my room from then on.


After that year Aaron, Shaun and I moved into a house that has since been torn down. We lived there with 8 other guys for a total of 11 guys in a house with three bathrooms. Four of the guys are in the picture above. Most of the guys were solid believers. This was the semester that existed. Students were paid for their notes from class and then posted the notes for free on the internet. People stopped going to class and the site was shut down after intellectual rights lawsuits were filed, but it sure was nice having such great notes while it lasted. In the photo above I’m wearing a Dallas Burn (later changed to FC Dallas) jersey I randomly owned. I didn’t become a huge fan until a couple years later.


Above are two of Laura’s old roommate from college with Aaron and I. This was after the great Marker war of 2001. Left to right is Kim, me, Laura, Aaron and Kellie.

After all was said and done I lived with nearly 30 different guys in college leaving with me with many memories. I’ve failed to tell most of them here, perhaps I’ll share some in the future.



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2 responses to “Roomates

  1. I’m surprised you actually managed to come out of all of that with an actual degree. Of course, it was a degree from Texas A&M…

  2. Mary Kathryn

    how do you lose a box spring?

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