Baby Lion


I’ve had a vague memory for sometime now that when I was in junior high someone had brought a baby lion to our house. I’ve told people this before and they usually think I’m making it up. Growing up we had so many crazy animals that I also think I’m making it up half the time. While looking at old photos though I found a picture of the baby lion in our house. Turns out it was my brother’s ex-girlfriend’s roommate’s lion. They had some sort of permit for it, but had to get rid of it when it grew up and the neighbors became worried it might eat them.

We also had a baby deer, geese, about 10 variations on turtles, tons of guinea pigs, a Mexican Eagle, some crazy crane thing that flipped fish before it ate them, Brad had a copperhead snake in a tank, I raised a baby opossum, we had baby skunks for a day and various other things. One more photo of lion after the link.



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