Old Family Photos


This is a photo of me with my grandfather, Papa. His “real” name was Alexander Anderson. I always find it interesting that I cannot trace my family back very far with names or information. Most people can’t. We live lives that we think are so important and yet I cannot even tell you the name of my great grandfather. I know he came over from Dundee Scotland to play in a professional football (soccer) league that folded shortly after his arrival. After that he worked in the mines in Ohio, but that is all I know about him and he was still alive 50 years ago. Will my great grand children even know my name? Anyway Papa was a wonderful grandfather up until he past away in 2001. He worked in the insurance business and introduced my brothers and I to Marble Slab Creamery. For a long time he used to tell us when we were old enough I he would take us there and I’ll never forget the day we were old enough. Best ice cream ever! That and Blue Bell. After the link is my mom’s wedding photo and a few other family photos.


My mom is the one in the middle, Aunt Julie on left and Aunt Sally on the right.


My brother Brad on Left and Greg on Right


Brad on left, Dad and me while watching the 2002 World Cup game that Germany cheated in to beat the United States. If it wasn’t Germany I’d say it was the worst thing a country could do.


This is my brother Greg after he beat me in Tennis. Now I beat him everything.


This is the house we grew up in.


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