The Lord’s Supper

This Sunday I got to serve our congregation the Lord’s Supper for the second week in a row, but third time over all. It has been a difficult experience so far. First time I called the elements “Juice” gaining the nickname “Juice Hough” from some of the elders, last time I spilled an entire cup of the “juice” when my sleeve snagged on one of the little cups (only the elders were able to see this). This week I hoped for there to be nothing worth noting. Just a simple run of the mill serving of the Lord’s Supper. Once I get to that point I feel I can move to adding thought-provoking variation to it. Until then though I simply wish to serve it without issue.

In my Baptist past I used to have fear come over me every time we partook of the Lord’s Supper. We were warned to not take in an unworthy manner and then explained that this unworthy manner was to be understood as sin during the week or unconfessed sin. I would rake my brain for any sin that I had not repented of, I would consider how holy I had been or failed to be during the week. If I felt I was worthy I would partake, if I felt I was not worthy I would pass. The Lord’s Supper became a time to think of myself and my own attempts to make myself worthy, but I never took the supper in remembrance of Christ.

One of the amazing things I’ve experienced in serving the Lord’s Supper since my ordination is that I feel so incredibly unworthy to serve it. I feel that someone more holy or more passionate or simply better ought to serve the supper. Yet I always stop to think that I not only serve the Lord’s Supper, but I am served the Lord’s supper and as such I do not come to the table with merit, I do not come with my own righteousness, but only that imputed to me and found in Christ alone. The truth is I am not worthy to serve it or to feast on it and this reminder is one way that I am nourished by the elements each week seeing my unworthiness and knowing I can come only because of the faith I have been given in Christ for the forgiveness of sin. Yes I am unworthy, but Christ is worthy and he has loved me and redeemed me according to own good pleasure. For that I am eternally thankful.


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  1. Nice post. We definitely appreciate the way the PCA regards the Lord’s Supper. Good thing you’re not Catholic, or you would have been in trouble with that spilled juice.

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