Sledding today!

Today, for the first time this year, it snowed enough to sled. Crazy, cause we usually get a lot (a lot for Texans at least!). We’ve been waiting on this snow cause we knew this year Becks would “get” sledding. We’ve taken him before…but it was in our front yard on a slope and it was on a cookie sheet. After that post (for last year’s video, click here), we were given sleds by people who felt sorry for him having to use a cookie sheet. So this year, he got to use a sled when him and Brian met some youth at a real hill! More pictures, follow “keep reading” link.




Then they all went to Starbucks to warm up and had hot chocolate. Yum. Becks even got his own kid-sized one!


Sledding with Zach. He told me later than you say Zach like “zzzzzzz…like a bug noise, Mom, and then ‘ach'”


Brian said he actually had more fun eating the snow than sledding.



There was some incident with Becks getting hit on the head…here he’s showing his wounds.


Worn out!



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