Easter Egg Hunting

Three years old has really been the year that Beckham has caught onto celebrating and holidays and fun stuff like that. He got to go on an egg hunt and had a great time! Once Becks caught on, there was no stopping him! Sadie Piper even liked collecting them! The best part was after we were done, he shook one and asked what was in it. When he opened it and yelled, “NUMMIES, there’s NUMMIES in here!” his face was priceless!! Pure shock and joy! As if collecting them wasn’t fun enough, there’s candy in here too! This has made for a harder time with him remembering why we really celebrate Easter. It’s hard to compete with this world. Will keep trying! : )









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4 responses to “Easter Egg Hunting

  1. Interesting pagan ritual you are partaking in? Did you hide a voodoo doll also?

  2. maggie

    I love his reaction. So cute!

  3. Laura

    Fun hater, Tony.

  4. Woody Woodward

    When I started reading this, I just knew Tony was not going to sit idly by! When I read the comments, I wasn’t disappointed, so of course, I laughed out loud! No pagan dealings here, you’re just showing the kids the Lord through lot’s of Love! It’s simply a drive by egging!

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