Deanna Rose Petting Zoo

I love a lot of things about Kansas, but Deanna Rose is pretty far up there on my list! Does it get any better than a FREE petting zoo that’s big enough that you can’t really do the whole thing in a morning?

Sadie has NO fear of the goats (maybe cause she thought they were “doggies”); her hands went right in their mouths to feed them.


The wagon was the best ever!!


She chased them in the pins too!


I think SP encouraged Becks to be ok with the animals!



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2 responses to “Deanna Rose Petting Zoo

  1. Jayne Hough

    Those have to be the cutest kids I have ever seen! Priceless.

  2. Woody Woodward

    Have to agree Brian and Laura, this is indeed KC best kept secret and one that all of us need to support! Sadie Piper is precious beyond words. By the way, if you all have a little boy, you will name him “Woody” won’t you? Pastor Tony is always daring pregnant folks with strange Biblical names, so how why don’t you all change the theme?

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