Today I am green!

I know, I’m a little behind on this trend, but I have a few good (well, fine, they are decent) reasons! First and dumbest is that when we talked about buying cloth bags for groceries, Brian insisted on green. If you know him, you know this is one of the things I love about him: he’s weird like that! If you can get it in a color, we have to around here (which I love cause that means I get to get the pink one of anything that comes in pink!) And his latest love is green. This presented the problem of finding the right green also. He wasn’t talking about forest green, but fun green (I could have settled with bright orange also I think. We didn’t discuss orange, but it always goes over well around here. Or I would have bought pink too!! : ) ). Secondly, I didn’t want to be an ad for a store and get some with logos on them, but I also wasn’t going to pay more than $1 a bag not to. Thirdly, I actually use the plastic ones for dirty diapers. What will I wrap them in now? (Must remember to “forget” cloth sacks when I run low on plastics.)


So when I saw these today at the grocery store, I knew they were just what I needed to push me over the edge to green! Neon green, no logo, $1. (That and the fact that when discussing this idea of recycling and such with Mr. Vos, an elder at our church, on Sunday he used the “stewardship of God’s resources” card when I said we’d have to pay to recycle. Shoot. You can’t ever argue that one.)

I’m so green now!



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5 responses to “Today I am green!

  1. Those are pretty bags! We have a few of the forest green ones from Whole Foods, but they’re not as pretty as those. Like you, I use the plastic grocery bags for dirty diapers. But that’s a way to reuse, right?

  2. Momo

    I don’t know y’all anymore…

  3. I got those brightly colored ones from Whole Foods for .99 each and three of them have already ripped. What store did you get those at, Laura?

    (probably some Kansas store we don’t even have)!

  4. Michelle, you are right…it’s called Price Chopper! Sorry!

  5. Woody Woodward

    “It’s not easy being green.. Having to spend each day the color of the trees…” You’re probably too young to remember that Kermit the frog song.

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