Beckham’s “Mountain” bike


So, it’s more of a tricycle…on steroids. We were in a bike shop (shocking, I know!) and Becks found this trike. He has a Radio Flyer tricycle, but it tends to tip and he’s not a fan of that, so it’s hard to get him on it! He rode it around the store and told us it wouldn’t “tip over” and that he wasn’t done riding yet every time we talked to him. We thought about getting it that day, but decided it was wiser to think about it. That night when Brian was reading to Beckham, he told Brian, “Dad, I rode a mountain bike, just like yours. And I went fast like you.” If Brian had been wavering about the purchase at all, I knew right away that was the only push he needed! The next morning it was in our living room (it was still too cold and rainy to take it outside). He’s been riding it around the little loop on our main floor all week!




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3 responses to “Beckham’s “Mountain” bike

  1. Mary Kathryn

    You mean it doesn’t “tump” over?

  2. Woody Woodward

    He deserves it for sure! Brian, I will never forget, and my first nursery experience with Beckham was his first day in the nursery. You all had just moved here and it was also your first day of Redeemer Worship! That kid won me quick. What a precious little boy. And I know God has His Mighty Hands upon this young warrior!

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