Taco Dinner

Last night was the annual Taco Dinner/Silent Auction to raise money for the mission trip. It’s one of my favorite events!!

This is the team this year:
Hat giving the bunny “bunny ears”
Me, Hat and Morgan!

I’m not sure how Shari kept Sadie Piper so clean, but she pulled it off. Amazing! Check out SP’s pig tails! Her first ones!


Traditionally we bring Tony a burger (cause he’s super weird and doesn’t like Mexican food. Meaning he really orders a burger when they eat at a Mexican restaurant…I know, I said super weird!). This year, we figured we’d have an auction for the lone bacon double cheeseburger. Scott bought it for $100!! He then gave it to Tony, who also paid his high bid of $75. That’s a pricey burger. And to think I thought the $5 I paid for it at Sonic was steep!


This is Travis and Matt’s mockery of Brian’s shot he always makes the youth do…”ok, now everyone put their hands up in the air…it makes a cool photo!” That’s a later post, I’ll gather them all.


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One response to “Taco Dinner

  1. Woody Woodward

    Sorry we didn’t make it! First one we have ever missed. I had a very bad day in this lousy business. Really a sorry excuse huh?

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