Need to borrow a truck?


Springtime means moving dirt and garage sale finds and who knows what else big will need to be moved! Our truck sits in front of our house just to be leant out! And anyone who has borrowed it in the past knows you can’t hurt it, so don’t worry about that part! It’s a standard though, but other than that, just a big truck (with a lot of stickers on the back that Tony puts on every time he uses it…no, we aren’t huge hunters or Buffalo Sabre fans for the record!). Come and borrow it when you need a truck for any reason!!!


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One response to “Need to borrow a truck?

  1. Woody Woodward

    Brian, that is tremendous! An offer I won’t refuse! You have no idea how many times I have made Cheri carry 100 lbs bags of yard stuff back from Lowe’s in her Merz Benz! I don’t want to dirty mine. Besides I try not to ever be guilty of manual stuff.

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